Torticollis occurs when muscles in your neck abnormally contract, causing your head position to become twisted to one side. This condition can happen at any age. Congenital (from birth) torticollis is commonly seen in newborns whose head/neck was in a strained position in the womb. Torticollis can also occur as an acute condition following trauma. Torticollis can be painful and severely limits motion of the neck and head.

Doctors of chiropractic are experts at finding and correcting subluxations - misalignments of bones that affect the nervous system. Often, nervous system impairment caused by subluxations and physical malposition of bones can cause taut musculature. By reducing subluxations, patients with torticollis have noticed that their muscular spasm resolves. This condition was what first introduced Dr. Madeleine and her family to chiropractic care; after experiencing acute torticollis, Dr. Madeleine's chiropractor helped relieve her painful neck spasm through chiropractic adjustments. Many people have experienced this benefit of chiropractic care.

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