Ear Infections

Ear infections, or Otitis Media (i.e. inflammation of the inner ear), are common but not normal in young children. Most parents recognize it as a fussy child with a fever, and they may show other signs like tugging at their ear or increased redness over the affected area. If parents take their child to a pediatrician, then, “viola!” the doctor looks in the child's ear and an ear infection is the culprit. Often the next step is antibiotics, even though many Otitis Media cases are viral. The antibiotics are sometimes ineffective, and sometimes cause serious side effects.

Now here's another story: getting your child's nervous system checked by your chiropractor. The drainage of your child's ear tube is controlled by a small muscle that is innervated by important cranial nerves. When there is irritation or interference with the nerves controlling that muscle, drainage of the ear tube is less efficient. That creates a perfect environment for unwelcome bacteria or virus particles to “set up shop,” proliferate and become an infection. Bringing your child into a chiropractor helps to ensure that they have a healthy nervous system. This could prove a safe and effective way to combat this pesky problem.

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